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We bring Japan to The Netherlands! Our mission is to introduce and promote Japan by delivering a sophisticated experience of its culture in The Netherlands. 

Let your senses be stimulated with beautiful decorations, delicious scents and soothing sounds from Japan!

See: sakura blossom, traditional markets, neon lights, paper lanterns. Feast your eyes in the different districts. You almost can’t believe your eyes!

Smell: what’s that smell? Is it okonomiyaki or gyoza? Or maybe a crepe or taiyaki? Sweet and savoury odours are entering your nose everywhere you go. We all have a preference for a certain taste, but why choose when you can taste it all?

Hear: from the mesmerizing sounds of striking the strings of the Koto and the Shamisen to the energetic beating of the Taiko drums. Japan has a unique sound that will echo throughout the halls of Expo Houten.

The name Keiken Japan Expo was inspired by the Japanese word ‘Keiken’ for ‘experience’, as well as the fact that in Dutch, there is also the word ‘Kijken’ which is pronounced the same way and means: ‘to look / watch’. ‘Keiken’ stands for what we want to provide and achieve: a cultivated Japanese experience.

Our mission is therefore to let everyone enjoy all aspects of the Japanese culture. Japan-lovers of each sorts will experience their favorite parts of Japan and will, at the same time, be introduced to unfamiliar parts of the Japanese culture. In addition to that, we want to provide the opportunity to also experience various cultural aspects that are not highlighted at other Japan-related events in The Netherlands. 

Let’s unite Japan-lovers and the Japanese community in a fun, entertaining way during a full-scale Japan expo.

Who work behind the scenes?

Our Team

はじめまして! We are Jinn, Robbin, Sophie, Nik and Imanie, and together with our friends we would like to share our passion for Japan with our fellow citizens. After paying regular visits to Japanese conventions and festivals in The Netherlands and travelling to Japan multiple times, we think it’s now time to really introduce Japan to The Netherlands. We want to give people the opportunity to be a part of the experience and share our love and passion for all aspects of this wonderful culture.

Oh and have you met Kei-kun yet?

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    At Keiken Expo many equally minded Japan-fanatics are brought together to share their passion for Japan and learn more about the culture. Thanks to several good-hearted, devoted partners this event has been made possible.

    Do you want to join as a partner in order to enhance the value of this thrilling event? Don’t be shy and contact us!


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