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Do you feel like you could enlighten Keiken Japan Expo with great entertainment? Apply for an entertainment spot and receive more information regarding our entertainment program. We are always looking for new entertainment to fill our program and floorplan with.

Why would you want to apply for the Keiken Japan Expo entertainment program slots:

  • Specific & enthusiastic japan lovers to perform to
  • Unique & coherent to one of our districts
  • Fresh & New opportunities


What entertainment types are we looking for:

Everything we do is Japan related, so we are looking for Japan related entertainment. This could be anything. We encourage to be unique and want to give visitors a one of a kind experience. Some examples of entertainment venues are: Japanese language lectures, Shogi play areas, kimono try-outs, Japanese fighting sports demonstrations, food and or drink shows. or even Japan related airlines.

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How it works

  1. Fill in the online form with as many details as possible
  2. We will look at your application and contact you
  3. Together we will set-up the best experience for your entertainment venue

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      At Keiken Expo many equally minded Japan-fanatics are brought together to share their passion for Japan and learn more about the culture. Thanks to several good-hearted, devoted partners this event has been made possible.

      Do you want to join as a partner in order to enhance the value of this thrilling event? Don’t be shy and contact us!


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