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Keiken Japan Expo is a one-of-a-kind experience where everything revolves around Japan. Culture-lovers, fashion-diva’s, business associates and geeks are all coming together. Do you want to be the center of attention as an exhibitor and display your items, products or food & drinks to our diverse audience? 

Why would you want to apply for an exhibitor spot at Keiken Japan Expo:

  • Enthusiastic & interested audiences for your stand
  • Unique & coherent to one of our districts
  • A decorated stand/booth which blends in the scene

Good to know!

We strive to make every exhibitor blend in to the scene. Therefore, we will think along with you to make your stand or booth unique within one of our districts. Are you going to enhance our event with delicious snacks or drinks? Or are you going to teach people about the cool tech-stuff which could easily happen in Akihabara? The floor is yours to go wild!

What kind of exhibitors are we looking for:

Everything we do is Japan related, so we are looking for Japan related exhibiotors. This could be basically anything. We encourage to be unique and want to give visitors a one of a kind experience. Some examples of exhibitors are: Food stands, Snack stands, Manga dealers, Alcoholic beverage suppliers (or bars), Goodies stands, Figurine stands, Clothing stores, Artists, Culture related stands, Accessoires stands, History related stands.

You name it. Just keep it real, unique and related to Japan!

Apply for an exhibitor spot

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How it works

  1. Fill in the online form with as many details as possible
  2. We will look at your application and contact you
  3. Together we will set-up the best experience for your entertainment venue

Prices and possibilities will be shared after receiving your application. We want to get to know you first.

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      At Keiken Expo many equally minded Japan-fanatics are brought together to share their passion for Japan and learn more about the culture. Thanks to several good-hearted, devoted partners this event has been made possible.

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