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Culture-lovers, fashion-diva’s, business associates and geeks are all coming together at Keiken Japan Expo to enjoy a full-blown adventure through Japanese culture and share their affinity for Japan. As a company, this can be the right opportunity to show your face and attract the right people towards your business.

Attract and connect with the right target group.

Why would you want to apply for a sponsorship for Keiken Japan Expo:

  • Connect your business to an exclusive Japan experience
  • Show the world and your target group who you are
  • Own your own district as a sponsor, make impact!


Why does Keiken Japan Expo need sponsors:

We are aiming to bring our visitors the engaging, real life experience of Japan closer to home. By sponsoring us you can, as a business, contribute a great part towards this goal. We have all kinds of sponsorship possibilities because we believe that every sponsorship helps us to reach our ultimate goal: Bring the best japanese experience to our visitors! Are you interested to be part of this experience and set your company on stage?

What kind of sponsorship businesses are we looking for:

Everything we do is Japan related, so we are looking for Japan related sponsors. This could be anything. We encourage to be unique and want to give visitors a one of a kind experience. Some examples of entertainment venues are: Japanese manifacturers, a big clothing company, a cool game center, the government, food and or drink suppliers or even Japan related airlines.

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  1. Fill in the online form with as many details as possible
  2. We will look at your application and contact you
  3. Together we will set-up the best experience for your sponsorship

Prices and possibilities will be shared after receiving your application. We want to get to know you and the business first.

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      At Keiken Expo many equally minded Japan-fanatics are brought together to share their passion for Japan and learn more about the culture. Thanks to several good-hearted, devoted partners this event has been made possible.

      Do you want to join as a partner in order to enhance the value of this thrilling event? Don’t be shy and contact us!


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